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Our recovery service is provided on behalf of the not at fault person in making a claim against the at fault party or their insurer.


We ask that you complete our motor vehicle claim form with as much detail as possible.
If the at fault party is insured, we will seek admission of liability if you have not already. Once liability is received, we will advise you and you can then prepare the quotation of the vehicle should you wish to proceed. You will also need to organise a vehicle inspection by an independent assessor. We ask that any report is forwarded to our office for consideration.
Once repairs are expected to finish, please advise us so that we can organise a post repair inspection by the at fault party or their insurer. Once repairs are completed, please send through a copy of the final repair invoice to Redwood Services.
We ask that if there has been a hire vehicle provided, a copy of the rental agreement and invoice be provided to us.
Once the repair and hire car invoice (if any) has been received, we will send a letter of demand for payment to the at fault party or their insurer. All funds expected as a result of settlement will be received by Redwood Services and disbursed shortly after.


Redwood Services will advise you of any offers that have been received.
Negotiations with an insurer may increase the amount of time it may take to settle a matter. If our referrers are not happy to accept the offered amount or the at fault party’s insurer does not want to pay, Redwood Services may recommend referring the matter to a law firm to commence legal proceedings against the at fault party.


Redwood Services will provide updates for each matter. This will be done by providing copies of any correspondence to and from at fault parties or their insurers and other people involved in the claim e.g., hire car companies, independent assessors etc.